Product Information

Adjustability. Wear it how you want it.

With its easily adjustable loop, your Sling should fit exactly how you want it.

Quality. A product that lasts a lifetime.

We are obsessed with quality. That is why each Sling is handmade from durable nylon, abrasive-resistant rope, 600 lbs load stainless steel rings. Necessary? Probably not. But we built them like we wanted 'em. Light, strong, long-lasting, and ready for the road ahead.

Security. Never drop your baby.

Your board is attached at either end with a simple quick releasing hitch. Cinch it down fast so you know you won't drop your precious cargo. Stainless steel rings slide smoothly and will never rust even after years of use.


Everything about the sling is made to last. The machine washable comfort pad is made of naturally antimicrobial neoprene and is even sewn with heavy duty outdoor thread.

Sustainability. Made from recycled climbing rope.

Most climbing rope ends its life in a landfill. You can feel good about buying our product made from recycled material.