Sling vs. Backpack

Thinking skateboard backpack? Think again. See a comparison on and decide for yourself.

Go to Work

Hang your board on a coat rack with ease.

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Bomb Hills

Carry your board up steep hills. Rinse. Repeat.

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Introduction Video

Promotional Video

Carry to Class. Hands Free for High Fives.

The Longboard Sling was born while we were at school. We rode to class every day, and in Madison, Wisconsin that means carrying your board up a lot of hills and stairs. It's all about the little things. There is nothing better than getting out of an exam and bombing down a hill. Get your Sling today so you never miss an opportunity!

Walking into Work. See for yourself.

Use your board to get to work. Hike up the stairs. Take the elevator. Hang your board on a coat hook. Or just use it to show off to your co-workers.

Bomb Hills. No explanation required.