The Longboard Sling is the easiest way to carry your board around when you are not riding it. It has never been easier to carry our board up hills, to class, or to work! Just wrap the sling around the trucks and carry either on your back or over your shoulder. It even works with a backpack and can be hung on a coat hanger. We believe in our product so much that we will repair your Longboard Sling for free.

Our Mission: We want to bring the Longboard Sling to enhance the Longboarding experience for riders like us.

About Us: We are longboard enthusiasts in Madison, WI. We learn by day and longboard by night. No car, no bikes, no buses. We are boarding our way through college with the aid of The Longboard Sling.

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We love The Longboard Sling and we know you will too. See you on the streets of Madtown.

Sean Kelly - Product Development

Tyler Pihl - Sales

Kiernan McGowan - Tech